Room Reservation


The Club has Transit Room on the second floor in the Clubhouse building. These are available to any member as well as members of outstation affiliated Clubs. These are let out for a maximum of five days to any member at a stretch.

There are a total of six guest rooms (Two suits and four deluxe rooms).

Each room has twin beds, air conditioner, Television Set and has an attached bath & toilet. The Suits have a refrigerator and a sofa cum bed in addition to the above. 



The tariff for various categories of rooms for members/ affiliated is as under:

For Members of the Club

One room suite                              Rs.2000.00 + Luxury Tax (10%)

Double room suite                        Rs.3000.00 + Luxury Tax (10%)

For Members of the Affiliated Club 

One room suite                             Rs.2000.00 + Luxury Tax (10%)

Double room suite                        Rs.3000.00 + Luxury Tax (10%)

Service Tax @ 5.15% on rental value will also be charged ,as per latest Govt. instructions.

Cancellation Charges : (Room Rent)

                                                                            Deductions                            Refunds

a) Less than 24 hours                                         100%                                         No Refund

b) Less than 48 hours                                         50%                                           Refund 50%

c) Less than 7 days                                              30%                                           Refund 70%

d) More than 7 days                                           10%                                           Refund 90%

e) Luxury Tax service Tax will be refunded in full.